Dear Rising 6th Grade Parent:

A few weeks ago your child attended a band concert at the Performing Arts Center to determine if they wanted to be a part of the band next year. They signed up and stated yes they would like to be in the 6th grade band. We need your permission by contacting us back so that we may schedule them into band. We will take the 1st nine weeks to determine the best instrument for them. 

Here are a few facts about band:
1. Band does not conflict with sports in middle school. Many of our students are successful athletes. 
2. They will have the opportunity throughout middle school to take Chorus, Careers, PE, Art, Technology, or any other elective offered to help find their interest. 
3. There is some financial commitment, but certain instruments cost more than others. Some instruments we provide. If a student wants to be in band we can find a way no matter what.

Note: PLEASE do not purchase an instrument yet- We will help with that! We will help you find something that will work well once we determine the instrument that fits their capabilities and meets the needs of the band. 

There are two ways to grant us permission to allow us to enroll your child in band.

The preferred way is to fill out the questionnaire linked here:

The second way (if easier) is to reply with the following info:
Student Name:
Parent Name:
Parent Cell Phone (We primarily text to send out info): 
Other info you want us to know. Write a message to us with questions or concerns and we will get back to you.

Thanks again! We are excited to welcome your child into band next year. 

Scott Barnstead & Mike Weaver
Band Directors

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