Schedule for Friday; Union Game Day (Away); 9/18/2014


         All wear show shirts- All Day

         Dinner is not provided and they will not have an opportunity to eat before half-time. I suggest bringing a snack to school or eat between 3PM and meeting time at 4:30pm


4:30PM                 Change into pants. Wear athletic shorts under uniform.  Travel uniform:

         Band pants with suspenders on and zipper zipped up at all times

         Show shirt                          

         Black crew (not ankle) socks

         Black marching shoes

         Hair up (off the collar length) or in pony tail (not braided) for guard.


4:45PM                 Run through on field in uniform without hat and jacket.

5:15PM                 Pack up truck

5:30PM                 Depart

6:15PM                 Arrive

6:45PM                 Unpack, lineup in stadium entrance order

6:55PM                 In seats.

7:30PM                 Game Begins

10PM                    Approximate departure time

11PM                    Approximate dismissal time



         Students riding home with immediate family adults need to get a note initialed by Mr. B prior to departure to Blairsville. Rules do not allow me to release students to non-family or friends of any age.

         Chaperones and pit crew are VERY appreciated, but the visiting school has expectations regarding pit crew and chaperones. The visiting school furnishes the band with 15 complimentary tickets to distribute to all parents to enter any and all gates.  If more than 15 are official chaperones and pit crew travel with the band, then all must pay an equal amount to make up the difference. For example: If there are a total of 20 chaperones and pit crew, then we take up the difference. $7 x 5 extra tickets = $35 divided evenly over 20 people; approximately $1.75 each.

         Games are fundraisers for the respective programs, so please be understanding that the places we visit hope that we will spend our money there. We hope for the same when they visit us.


NEXT SATURDAY, 9-27 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE): We tentatively perform at Bowden HS at 8:50PM

Meet at Fannin: 1PM (eat before you come)

Depart FCHS at 3PM

Arrive 6PM; eat

Warm up at 7:45PM; perform at 8:50; Awards at 9:45; Home by 1:30AM (estimate)


Bowdon HS

504 West College St Bowdon, GA 30108

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